Community Guidelines

At Helo, we believe in creating a safe environment that encourages the exchange of perspectives and information across a diverse array of cultures and beliefs. We work hard to foster a healthy, positive, and diverse community.

We have created the Helo Community Guidelines, which update from time to time, so you can help protect and support our community. By using Helo, you agree to these guidelines along with our Terms of Use.

Violation of these guidelines may result in deleted content, disabled accounts, or other restrictions. We reserve the right to monitor and report content to law enforcement bodies as permitted by local laws.

Express yourself, but always respect other members of the community

Helo is a place where different cultures, beliefs and ideas come together. We want people to feel safe on the platform while enjoying the freedom of expressing their unique point of view.

We embrace diverse voices, but we draw the line at content that does not respect others' opinions or violate others' rights.

Abusive behavior and content: In order to promote healthy and open communication on Helo, we prohibit behavior and content that aggressively insult, harass, intimidate or bully others. Content with the intention to defame someone is also not allowed.

Hate speech: We also do not allow posts or any content that incites hatred against an individual or a group of people based on their race, ethnicity, religion, caste, culture, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, age, or any other discrimination.

Spam: Users come to Helo for high-quality and engaging content. Help us foster a meaningful and genuine community by not posting spammy content or creating artificial traffic, such as trading comments and using deceptive information to encourage views or likes.

Impersonation and fake content: You may not create inauthentic accounts with the intention to confuse others, and don't spread fake news or other fake content.

Intellectual property infringement: You own all the information and content you post on Helo. However, please respect others' copyrights, trademarks, and other legal rights, and don’t post anything that you do not hold the rights for.

Violation of privacy: Remember to respect other people's privacy, and don't disclose others’ personally identifiable information, such as address, phone number, email address, ID number, and credit card number.

Remember to keep your interactions civil, and always treat all users with respect.

Post and share content that resonates with a diverse audience

While we want people to feel free to share content about their opinions and stories, we don't allow content that could harm other users or encourage them to harm themselves – whether through physical, emotional, financial, or legal harm.

We consider the following content inappropriate and harmful to our users and our platform:

Terrorism and extremism: Helo has a zero-tolerance policy for accounts belonging to terrorist groups or individuals. We also prohibit the use of the Helo platform by extremist groups or individuals, who use violence to advance their political, religious or social cause. Posts promoting and supporting these organizations or individuals breach our guidelines.

Violent and graphic content: Helo does not allow content or behavior that encourages or incites violence against an individual or group of people. This includes, but is not limited to, graphic or bloody scenes, threats of physical harm or death, rape and sexual assault, and content that could cause public violence in real life.

Glorification of self-harm and suicide: The Helo community cares for each other, and is often a place where people come together to get through hard times. In order to maintain this supportive environment, we will remove the content encouraging or promoting self-harm and suicidal behavior.

Pornography and nudity: Helo is not the place for sexually explicit content or content intended for sexual gratification. Please don't post the content if it isn’t something suitable to be done or shown to your parents or children.

Child sexual exploitation: Helo upholds the protection of minors (under the age of 13). If we are made aware of content that sexually exploits, targets, or endangers children, we may comply with law enforcement or report cases, as appropriate.

Some other examples of behavior or content that would fall under this policy include:

Help us prevent real-world harm, and help us stay safe on Helo.

We don't tolerate any form of malicious activity

We strive to protect Helo users from malicious activities and keep Helo secure. You may not do, or attempt to do, any of the following while accessing or using Helo:

Upholding our Community Guidelines

All Helo users must follow the policies set forth in the Helo Community Guidelines. If a behavior violates these guidelines, or if we receive a valid and properly scoped request from law enforcement bodies or other authorized entities, we investigate the case and take proper action. Depending on the severity of the violation and a user's history on Helo, we may take one or more of the following enforcement measures.

Limiting visibility: We may reduce the distribution of the content that may not be appropriate for all audiences. This makes content less visible on the Popular page or only visible to your followers.

Removing content: We may remove your content from our platform if the content violates the Guidelines and is harmful to the whole community, such as death threats, hate speech, suicidal behavior, or child abuse. We will also remove the content if we receive a valid and properly scoped request from law enforcement bodies or other authorized entities.

Suspending an account: This is our most severe enforcement action. When an account is suspended, it is removed from the platform and the violator will not be allowed to create new accounts.

Reporting to law enforcement bodies: When we believe there is a genuine risk of physical harm or direct threats to public safety, we will report the case to law enforcement bodies as permitted by local laws.

Help keep our Helo community safe

You are an important part of the Helo community. If you see content that you believe violates any of the Community Guidelines, please help us by using Helo's built-in reporting buttons. We have a dedicated team to review all the content flagged by our users, 24/7, and take proper action as quickly as possible. If you have further concerns, please contact

Thank you for being a wonderful community member and doing your part to foster a safe and enjoyable community for others. Let's continue to work together to keep this amazing community strong.