Helo and Plogga India take South Delhi on a Plogging Drive

  • Leading regional social media platform forges joint campaign with Plogga India to drive awareness against use of plastics and waste management in Delhi’s Chittaranjan Park
  • Plogging drive marks the next installment of Helo Care CSR initiative harnessing content for the benefit of the broader community

New Delhi, 7 April, 2019: Helo, India's leading social media platform, has joined hands with Plogga India to drive an awareness campaign against the use of plastics. Hosting a ‘Plogging’ drive at Delhi’s Chittaranjan Park, this community-led initiative involves a combination of jogging and picking up litter to encourage the practice of waste segregation.

This joint campaign is the latest initiative from Helo Care, Helo’s CSR initiative that aims to harness content in 14 Indian languages for the benefit of the broader community. Helo Care focuses on giving everyone an opportunity to volunteer for social causes by making a connection between celebrities, key opinion leaders and other creators, with those who need help. The pickup and a clean-up drive was organised with assistance from residents of CR Park, Delhi Police, SDMC, and the civil society.

Through plogging, Helo and Plogga India aims to reclaim the public spaces strewn across with garbage. The idea is to make jogging/walking and picking up trash a part of resident’s daily routine and instil a behavioural change in them around cleanliness and environmental sustainability.

“Improper waste disposal and plastic use are among the gravest threats to the environment. Through this partnership with Plogga India, we at Helo are encouraging everyone to plog while they jog as a unique way of keeping our body and environment healthy at the same time. We believe that by combining this on-ground initiative with an online campaign on our platform, we can contribute and give back to society in meaningful ways,” said Shyamanga Barooah, Head of Content Operations, Helo.

"We are thankful to Helo for offering their platform to take this movement to a wider audience. As this a unique environmental campaign that aims to raise awareness around issues such as sanitation and air pollution, community participation both online and offline is key. We want to encourage everyone to rethink our stubborn relationship with plastic," added Abhimanyu Chakravorty, Founder, Plogga India.

This collaboration with Plogga India is Helo Care’s second sustainability initiative after Helo’s first successful partnership with “We are Your Voice”, which worked towards providing employment opportunities to the disabled and differently abled populace in Karnataka.


About Helo

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About Plogga India

Plogga India, a community initiative started by journalist Abhimanyu Chakravorty last year to clean up trash from public spaces, is joining hands with Helo India to clean up Chittaranjan Park as part of the #Trashtagchallenge. As part of his effort to promote the concept of Plogging to a wider audience, Abhimanyu travelled solo to five Southeast Asian countries of Myanmar, Nepal, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand on a motorcycle in September last year and collaborated with schools, NGOs, and Indian missions abroad to clean up litter from public spaces. His initiative was recognised and featured by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) on their official website.